Nature must be explored, come join us!

På grunn av den pågående pandemien, innstiller vi inntil videre vår aktivitet. Vi kan nåes på 92 412 412.

Bli med MB Fento på tur.

Sightseeing, opplevelser, ta kontakt så hjelper vi til med å arrangere den turen du ønsker!

Fento er en koselig sjark på 33 fot, bygd i 1972 med treskrog.

Opptil 12 passasjerer, vask og wc.

God plass på dekk.

Vetus/Deutz dieselmotor, 192 hk.

Marsjfart 8 - 9 knop, maks 11 knop.

Vekt 6500 kg, lengde 11 m, bredde 375 cm, dybde 110 cm.

Due to the pandemic, we have desided to take a break, waiting for safer days. We can be reached on +47 92 412 412.

Explore the beautiful surroundings around Aalesund onboard the charming vessel MB Fento.

Sightseeing, adventure, activities, contact us and we will do our best to help you get the event you are looking for.

Fento is 33 feet, built in 1972, wooden hull design.

Max 12 passengers, sink and toilet.

Spacious deck area.

Vetus/Deutz diesel engine 192 hk.

Cruising speed 8 – 9 knots, max 11 knots.


Weight 6500 kg, length 11 m, width 375cm, depth 110 cm

Sightseeing by boat, explore surroundings near Aalesund, perhaps take a photo safari.

Aalesund is surrounded by jewels and pearls, from the amazing fjords to the islands full of adventures waiting for us. Remember to bring your camera, motives are around every corner.

Our most popular tour is sightseeing to Hjørundfjord with the amazing mountains on each side. There are several places we can stop for lunch or dinner, Cristian Gaard at Trandal is one of the adventures places we like to stop.

One of the locations we visit is Longva and Gunnabuda where we can have lunch or dinner and even stay for the night. Sightseeing to historical Ullahammer, Ulla light house, perhaps hike to the mountain top... kayaking .....

It is plenty to explore!

Sightseeing in the nearby surroundings of Aalesund is also popular. We then often start or stop inside Brosundet in the midle of the city, then a tour into the narrow passage towards Borgundgavla and the outdoor folk museum, with it’s historical boats. Depending on duration of the tour, we can go through Vegsundet and around Sula,  heading back to Aalesund sentrum with alternative routes.

We can recommend a visit to Fjellstua on the top of Aalesund city mountain, Aksla, before or after a tour with us. There you have an amazing view of the city, islands and fjords and see were you have been or are going. You can also enjoy a meal there acompanied by this fantastic view.

On all tours you can bring your own lunch and enjoy it on the way. Perhaps a barbeque, let us know in advance so we can bring the grill.

All tours are private and exclusive, let us know if you have any wishes. Max 12 passengers.

Contact us: post@aalesundseattours.no

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